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November '17

I've added a radio station. Over there! =>

Toneflow 2 is in the works, featuring add and remove track features, ostinatos, and a synthesizer to play along with in your browser.

July '17

ToneFlow is a new project (still in the early stages of development.) It's intended for meditive ear-training and accompinament. The sounds are the same mp3 samples found in the Aleatorium.

A new collection: Counters and Commons features five "baroque prog rock" pieces which explore polyrhythms.

And a new sketchbook, Practice Discussions, insipred by talks at the San Francisco Zen Center.

Many of these collections are available as playlists on Youtube.

Old News:

June '14

This summer I will be returning to Tassajara to deepen my Zen practice. I will have no phone or internet, but you can write me:
Tassajara Zen Mountain Center
39171 Tassajara Road
Carmel Valley, CA 93924

May '14

A new album and a new ep!

Songs for Training and Encouragement features ten new tunes about lanterns, bugs, television, regret, renewal, and lots of other stuff!

Poem Settings is a project I am just beginning. So far I have set-to-music poems by Deborah Poe, Shel Silverstein, W.S. Merwin, and Nancy Willard.

April '14

I've joined Patreon, a new crowdfunding platform. If you like my work, please consider becoming a sponsor by making a regular contribution of your choice.

Also, I now have a Youtube channel for some of my tunes.

February '14:

Donn Lloyd Tippett passed away last month. He was a wonderful father to me, with a wise, gentle and charming spirit. I'm so grateful for all he taught me, and for the time I got to spend with him before his graduation from this world.

January '14:

Two new sketchbooks: "Play Against Curses", and "Watch and Wait." Probably I will add to these in weeks to come. Also, I added a few new compositions to the Aleatorium, and redesigned its look. Hooray for jQuery!

December '13:

Welcome to the new site! In addition to changing the design to accomodate new songs and sketches, I've added an Aleatorium, for exploring the process of creating with randomness. And this little diorama in the footer... click on the ghosts!

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email: gntsketches (at) gmail (dot) com


Greg has been arranging pitches since he first discovered an old piano in an empty church as a child. He has a BA in Psychology from Macalester College and a MAT from Hamline University. While living in Minnesota, he played bass with the Urban Hillbilly Quartet, and along with Sena Thompson and Aaron Kerr founded the experimental string combo Anahadanada and the conducted improvisation project Semiconductor Orchestra. While working with homeless folks at Dorothy's Place in California, he led percussion groups and co-founded the classic rock group Tin Man. Currently he is a Zen student at the San Francisco Zen Center.

Artist Statement

I enjoy boundary conditions: popular and avante-garde, structure and randomness, shapes produced by natural forces and those imposed by human conception. Thematically, my work explores the common mimetic units of meaning and pleasure in the context of human relationships and technological acceleration bad habits, TV, hoarding, conflict, capitalism, conspiracies, "The Great Gatsby", "A Deepness in The Sky", meditation, hills, birds-and-bees-kinda-stuff, etc. I also set other people's poems to music and study JavaScript.


Except as noticed, all material is registered to Gregory Nelson Tippett under Creative Commons: Attribution, Non-commercial, Share-Alike. Mp3's are available upon request.