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Greg has been creating music for 28 years. He was born in Potomac, Maryland. While living in Minnesota, he played bass with the Urban Hillbilly Quartet, and guitar with the experimental string combo Anahadanada. He is also the founder of the large-group conduction project Semiconductor Orchestra. While working with homeless folks at Dorothy's Place in California, he led percussion groups and co-founded the classic rock group Tin Man. Currently he is a Zen student at the San Francisco Zen Center.

Artist Statement

I create songs and musical sketches. For the most part, the songs have words and the sketches are instrumental. Songs typically evolve over a period of weeks or months, while musical sketches (and their visual counterparts) are produced quickly and intuitively.

I enjoy boundary conditions: popular and avante-garde, structure and randomness, shapes produced by natural forces and those imposed by human conception. Thematically, my work explores the common mimetic units of meaning and pleasure in the context of human relationships and technological acceleration bad habits, TV, hoarding, conflict, capitalism, conspiracies, "The Great Gatsby", "A Deepness in The Sky", meditation, hills, birds-and-bees-kinda-stuff, etc. Also lately I've setting setting people's poems to music.

Also, a Chapbook

A few years ago I discovered poetry - in particular, Invisible Bride by Tony Tost. Suddenly, I was more fascinated by the relationships between words and concepts than pitches, and embarked upon my own sophomoric imitations. Eventually, I got a glimpse of the actual summit and came home to my noodly guitar lines. But in the spirit of artistic closure, I've complied some writings from that period into a little memoir: Live from Mt. Crushmore. The title refers to a geological formation in the Monterey Bay.


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