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About the Songs

I humbly beg you to listen to this music on a system that brings out the bass. Headphones are best.

More could be done to mix and master all of these tunes. I have given the 'sketch' label for some material that
I did not at the time have resources to create full and well-produced arrangements for.

Poem Settings

Knowing the Unknown
(by Denise Levertov)

Full Sky Bares It
(by Norman Fischer)

Steve's Drive on the Highway
(by Lesley Dauer)

A Hypothetical Link
(by Jean Day)

Crown the Words
(by Farnoosh Fathi)

Under the Home
(by Deborah Poe)

Needles and Pins
(by Shel Silverstein)

The Highway
(by W.S. Merwin)

When We Come Home,
Blake Calls for Fire
(by Nancy Willard)